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At the "Autonomous Systems and Robotics" team, our research focuses on mobile robot navigation, perception, embedded vision, motor learning and human-robot interaction. Our emphasis is on applying machine learning to real-world applications, such as assistive and service robotics, humanoid robotics, intelligent vehicles, and security.

Other videos on our Youtube channel.

Our team was originally founded by Jean-Christophe Baillie, and as a result of his work on control architectures, he introduced the URBI interface language for robot control. This language was further developped by GOSTAI, a spin-off company he created, now bought by Aldebaran Robotics.

We are part of the Computer Science and System Egineering Laboratory at the "École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées" (ENSTA-ParisTech) in Paris, France. Several members of our team are also part of the INRIA/ENSTA-ParisTech FLOWERS team, co-located in Palaiseau and Bordeaux, which focuses on developmental robotics.


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