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Human Robot Interaction for Assistive Applications



This project aims to design a robotic system with social abilities that exhibits personality and emotions through the use of verbal, non-verbal (e.g., gestures) and para-verbal (e.g. pitch, volume) communication so as to help people with physical and cognitive impairments, living alone and suffering from depression or not.

Thus, the goal of this project is to improve quality of life of the users; this is done through the use of a robotic agent that supervises, encourages, and engages the users as they perform tasks such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, and cognitive stimulation. This research, by its very nature, aims to impact the vulnerable populations. The research work proposed is innovative as it addresses the role of customized therapy that can allow for continuous monitoring of the user's physical/cognitive status and of providing structure, guidance, reminders, motivation, and training and beyond through the use of combined, noninvasive, and affordable sensing, tracking, and robotics technologies.

Project web site : HRIAA



>> Adriana Tapus is the leader of this "Chaire d'excellence" project.


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