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Panoramic and Active Cameras for semantic Object Mapping



PACOM is a project financed by ANR in the frame of the "CAROTTE" competition. ENSTA is the leader of this project which also involve ISIR and GOSTAI.

The goal of this project is to implement a high-level navigation system that search objects and extract semantic information in an indoor environment. This project therefore addresses the understanding of how an autonomous embodied system can build and extract such information from sensory and sensory-motor data and generates plans and actions to explore and navigate in typical indoor environmental settings. These capabilities can be seen as the ability to extract semantic information or interpret situations, as the states or objects of the environment and/or as the relationships between components of the environment that are static or evolving over time. To achieve this goal, the system will require the use of different sensing modalities, and will also need to act in order to improve its understanding of the environmental situation or to disambiguate its interpretation.

See the project page : PACOM.



>> David FILLIAT and Adriana Tapus are members of this project.


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