ENSTA ParisTech

The Cognitive Robotics team of the Laboratory of electronics and computer science at ENSTA Paristech is working on navigation, learning and development for autonomous robots with a focus on visual perception. The team is mainly interested in methods that would make an autonomous and incremental acquisition of capacities possible for mobile robots. From a methodological point of view, we are interested in autonomous learning and in learning with social interactions, either with a human or with another robot. In particular, we are studying how active perception can speed-up learning. These methods are applied to robot navigation, assistive robotics and humanoid robotics.

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The Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotic (ISIR) was established in January 2007. Affiliated with the Department of Sciences and Information and Engineering Technologies (ST2I), it is associated with the CNRS as UMR 7222. ISIR partners of the project belong to the Autonomous, Integrated Systems and Mobility team (SIMA). The team has a strong background in signals coding and specifically address the problem of autonomous perception in indoor and outdoor environments for over ten years. The team have led several pioneering works in computer vision and is considered as the specialist of omnidirectional vision systems and the use of variant scale image processing. The team’s expertise includes several aspects such as sensors design and calibration, primitives’ extraction and matching and it published the first book on the field. It participates in and co-supervised many research on panoramic vision embedded on robotic platforms including mobile robots, intelligent vehicles, UAVs stabilization, navigation aid and humanoid robots.

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Gostai is a French SME created in March 2006, spin off from the ENSTA ParisTech Cognitive Robotics Lab. Gostai has today a growing number of 15 employees, many industrial and academics partnerships and is a member of SYROBO, Cap Digital, Cap Robotique and the Roobo Japanese network. The company is specialized in middleware and applications for complex distributed systems, more specifically in the field of service robotics, but also in simulation for complex systems involving hundreds of interacting agents in real-time environments. The main technology developed by the company is Urbi, a middleware enabling coordination of distributed heterogeneous components with a parallel and event-driven approach. Urbi is also being deployed within a cloud computing service architecture called Gostainet, which endows powerful remote computing capabilities on robots with behaviors and services far beyond their hardware limitations.