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Impact of a "butler" robot at home on psychoaffective and cognitive state of elderly with mild cognitive impairment



Robadom is a project financed by ANR in which we participate through our association with ISIR.

This project aims at conceiving a robot with emotions and language in order to support at home the elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment, living alone at home and suffering or not from depression. The objective of this project is to explore the acceptability of the robot in ecological situation. This project will enable to:

  • determine the appearance of the robot
  • parameter the functions and behaviour of the robot for tailoring to the users' needs. The robot must be easy to use for the target population and must not be perceived as intrusive. The robot serves the elderly and is controlled by them, which enables the elderly to be more autonomous.
  • evaluate the impact of the robot on elderly's daily life (affective, cognitive, quality of life...) and the way the robot is perceived.


    >> Adriana Tapus and David Filliat are working on this project.


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