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Grounding symbolic representations into perception is a key and difficult issue for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The «  Talking Heads  » experiment (Steels & Kaplan, 1999), at Sony CSL, explores an interesting coupling between grounding and social learning of language. In the first version of this experiment, two cameras were interacting in a simplified visual environment made of colored shapes on a white board and developed a shared, grounded lexicon via interactions called "language games".

The "Talking Robot" activity will start a new experiment which is an extension of the original "Talking Heads" with two autonomous robots (Aibo ERS7) instead of two cameras and a complex and unconstrained visual environment. This setting raises several difficult problems: how to request attention from one robot to start an interaction, how to share attention on a given visual subject, how to establish a stable enough image segmentation, define a categorization strategy, how to point objects (using a laser).

The goal of this research is to reinforce the validity of the first results of the Talking Heads experiment by showing that the proposed mechanism for lexicon acquisition stands in the case of a noisy, complex environment. It will also serve as a basis ground for more complex interactions and future expriments.

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>> Jean-Christophe Baillie is the project leader.

>> Matthieu Nottale is working during his PhD on the "Talking Robots" implementation.



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